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Mortgage Modification Mediation Program

Copperstone Law Office is very excited to be offering help in the new program offered through the United State Bankruptcy Court, Mortgage Modification Mediation Program.

Mortgage Modification Mediation Program offers Debtor’s First Mortgage relief that has been a long time coming. Purpose of this program is to facilitate communications and exchange of information in a confidential setting with the parties, “Lenders and Debtors and Required Parties” to finalize a feasible beneficial agreement under the supervision of the Untied States Bankruptcy Court.

To qualify for the program Debtor’s gross income must be less than 31% of the regular monthly mortgage payment.

Once it has been established that Debtor(s) qualify for the program document preparation can start. Debtor’s are required to provide all required documentation in a timely manor throughout the process. It is a long process that requires time sensitive obligation and patients. There is many steps in the process. Once all has been completed and approved by the Lenders, United States Bankruptcy Court, and the Debtors an Order will Granted.

Copperstone Law Office will be there for you through out the whole process. If you have any question our highly qualified staff are here to assist you. Copperstone Law Office is happy to get this process started for you.