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Arrangements for Children

Courts insist that any divorce or separation agreement must adequately address these two critical issues: Who will be responsible for making the major decisions involving minor children, and where will the children live.

Decision-making for children, or at least the major decisions regarding childcare, religious education, and healthcare choices, are either made by one party as a “sole” decision-maker or by both parties as “joint” decision-makers.

Usually, courts prefer that parents have equal decision-making status, unless there are good reasons who one parent should be allowed unilateral decision-making status. For example, the court may order sole decision-making for one parent if the other has a history of irresponsibility or criminality.

Residential arrangements can be anything which the parents have agreed upon. Even if the decision-making status is joint, the children don’t necessarily need to spend 50% of their time with each parent. If parents’ respective schedules allow, it’s normal for each parent to want to host the children as much as possible.

As specified in the legal statutes, the most critical factor in determining the residential arrangements for the children is what will be in the best interests of those children. Because parents’ perceptions about children’s best interests may be at odds, it’s usually best to seek professional help when determining living arrangements for the children.

In a divorce or legal separation, residential arrangements for the children may have long-lasting implications for the entire family. The attorneys at Copperstone P.C. can help you successfully resolve any issues regarding divorce and the resulting living arrangements for children.

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