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Here in Arizona, divorce is the final resolution of all legal issues surrounding the end of a marriage. These issues include:

★ Separating and dividing the assets and obligations which have been accumulated during the marriage;

★ Making decisions about parental responsibilities and living arrangements for minor children;

★ Child support and/or spousal support when relevant.

Before beginning the divorce process, it’s natural to feel apprehensive about the future. So, clients usually ask these questions:

What will I receive from the divorce? What are my legal rights?

Yet, at least initially, it’s best for the client to focus on the most important question first:

Which settlement process will I use to obtain the divorce?

There are several different avenues toward divorce settlement, and the approach is always the first issue to be decided. The settlement processes may range from friendly and cooperative to adversarial and litigious.

It’s important for the attorney to help the client understand and choose the least stressful and most effective plan leading to a successful outcome. Skilled, highly experienced divorce attorneys such as those at Copperstone P.C. can find the best ways to achieve a favorable result in any circumstance.

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