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Bankruptcy Filing In Arizona

Filing bankruptcy in Arizona

At the law offices of Copperstone P.C., we can help you decide whether it’s best for to file bankruptcy under Chapter 7 or Chapter 13.

Beginning the process

Once you’ve decided to take action, you should meet with Cheryl K. Copperstone, Tucson’s leading bankruptcy attorney. Then we’ll file your petition for bankruptcy under either Chapter 7, Chapter 11 or Chapter 13.

To formally begin the bankruptcy process, we’ll assist you in filing a statement of financial affairs at the court.

Credit counseling

The law requires credit counseling for anyone who files a consumer bankruptcy in Arizona. This is very helpful, and your participation shows the court that you’re fully committed to the process and wish to have a better future. The court will provide you with a list of approved credit courses.

A brief hearing

Several weeks into the process, you’ll need to attend a brief hearing, which is called the “creditors’ meeting” even though creditors rarely attend. This hearing typically lasts only a few minutes, and it’s not adversarial.

Under oath, the Bankruptcy Trustee will ask you questions about your current debts and assets. We’ll help guide you through the entire process, and make sure the outcome is highly favorable.

In Arizona, anyone who has lived here for the majority of the past 6 months, or for a minimum 91 days, can file. There’s no threshold level of debt to qualify. If you’re deeply in debt, there’s no reason not to file, and many good reasons for filing.

If you’re living in Tucson and you need debt relief, Copperstone P.C. can help

Copperstone P.C. is focused exclusively on helping Arizona residents achieve debt relief through bankruptcy. By filing bankruptcy, you’ll feel as if a great burden has been lifted from your shoulders, and you’ll be in control of your destiny once again. Take the first step by calling Copperstone P.C. today.

Copperstone is Tucson’s personal bankruptcy specialist

Copperstone P.C. helps people in Tucson successfully navigate through bankruptcy, so they’re protected from creditors.

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