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At Copperstone P.C., we provide protection and relief for people in Tucson who are struggling against their debts. If you or someone you love is suffering from debt, we can help.

Congress has passed legislation to benefit those who are victims of job loss, divorce, identity theft, medical bills or disability. We can help take the weight off your shoulders. No matter why you’ve fallen behind on your bills, there’s still hope.

Our experienced bankruptcy lawyers can use the power of U.S. bankruptcy laws to free you from your debt burden. If you’d like to start your credit life anew, just call us.

Cheryl K. Copperstone, Esq.
Senior Arizona Bankruptcy Attorney

Admitted to practice law in Arizona in 1993
Graduated from University of Wyoming’s School of Law

George D. Carroll, Esq.
Arizona Bankruptcy Attorney

Admitted to practice law in Arizona in 2000
Admitted to practice law in Alabama in 2001
Graduated from University of Arizona’s School of Law

We work hard to make sure all your debts and mortgage issues are resolved fast, so you can move forward toward a brighter, debt-free future.

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